Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuums
The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuums are a trailer mounted vacuum designed to convey granulated materials from a work area to a container for recycling or disposal. Using a powerful 225 HP Perkins diesel engine to drive the rotary lobe blower, the Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuums easily create 27” Hg of suction to quickly move large quantities of material from inside tanks, ship hulls, and containment areas, reducing clean up time on work sites. The large hopper with automatic direct dump gate can be raised and lowered to match the height of your disposal container. The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuums can easily clean up surface preparation work sites of spent abrasives like garnet, coal slag, cooper slag, crushed glass, steel shot, steel grit, and aluminum oxide. Typical applications include blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, shipyards, storage tanks, and water treatment plants.


The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuum has a powerful diesel engine and blower combination to produce 27” Hg of vacuum to move up to 23 tons of dry material in an hour, quickly cleaning up work areas to substantially increase production.


There are two emergency-stop buttons, one stationary, the other on a moveable pendant to be positioned near the operator. An elevated light bar is mounted near the top of the rear hopper to increase visibility during transport.


Our commitment to producing the highest quality products in the industry demands strict control over our raw materials and manufacturing processes. All components used in the manufacturing of Marco products adhere to strict process controls as specified by Marco’s Quality and Engineering team.

The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuum has four heavy-duty leveling jacks allow the unit to be precisely leveled during setup.
The on-board blower produces up to 3650 cubic feet per minute of air, generating 27” Hg of suction power, the highest achievable vacuum in the industry.
Pull-Action Latch Clamps come as standard equipment to secure the lid to the hopper during use. The Pull-Action Latch clamps do not require tools to disengage reducing the time to change out the filters.
The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuum includes two hose guides to keep the vacuum hose clear of the hopper supports, preventing the hose from being crushed.

Key Features

27” Hg suction power
Powerful Diesel Engine
3650 CFM (maximum) air flow rate
Weight: 13,950 lbs. empty
Length: 22’4”
Width: 8’2”
Height: 11’
Raised Height: 18’8”
Dump Clearance: 8’

Optional Accessories

Vacmaster Vacuum Hose

Vacmaster® Vacuum Hose

Vacmaster® Vacuum Hose is available in multiple sizes and lengths to customize your work site.

Vacuum Hose Reducers

Vacuum Hose Reducers

Vacuum hose reducers are available in multiple sizes and styles to connect different sizes of vacuum hose.

Vacuum Wye Fittings

Vacuum Wye Fittings

Vacuum hose wye fittings allow you to run multiple sections of hose at one time.

Vacmaster Filter Bags and Cages

Vacmaster® Filter Bags and Cages

Vacmaster® filter bags have a durable acrylic coating to help separate dust and reusable abrasives. The heavy-duty wire cage prevents the filter bag from collapsing.


Technical Information



225 HP Tier 4 Diesel Engine by Perkins®

Perkins® engines have a proven history of reliability, ease of maintenance, and are supported by a vast network of service centers.


Electronic Engine Control

The electronic engine control adjusts engine speed and monitors the engine’s performance, including oil pressure, RPM, engine temperature, and voltage. The control interface and digital display make operation and monitoring simple.


Manual Twin Plate PTO Clutch

The Power-Take-Off (PTO) clutch transfers power from the Perkins® engine to the blower. The manual engagement system provides proven performance and reliability, reducing downtime compared to complex hydraulic systems.


On-Board Air Compressor

The on-board compressor produces 13 CFM of air, powering the pulser system to remove collected dust and debris from the filters.


Side-Mounted Vacuum Hose

A 6” I.D. vacuum hose is mounted on the outside of the hopper supports for easy replacement and to help prevent damage while raising and lowering the hopper.


Automatic Dump Gate

The automatic dump gate automatically opens to empty the hopper during use to keep you moving. The duration of time between openings can be adjusted for material and flow.


Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Hopper-mounted pneumatic piston vibrators move collected dust and debris from hopper walls down to the dump gate for discharge. By minimizing the amount of dust and debris collected on the hopper walls, cleaning and maintenance time is reduced.


Vacmaster® Filter Bags

The Vacmaster® 23T Tier 4 Diesel Abrasive Vacuum includes 37 acrylic-coated filter bags to collect and trap airborne dust and debris.


Hopper Lid Lift

A heavy-duty lift is mounted on the side of the hopper to assist with raising and lowering the hopper lid and eliminates the need for a secondary lifting device.


Operator Control Pendant

The operator control pendant is designed to allow the operator to stand back from the unit for better visibility while raising and lowering the hopper.

Additional Features

  • Premium ST235/85R (14-ply construction) tires
  • Spare tire
  • Adjustable Pintle Hitch
  • Electric brakes
  • Hydraulic pump with integrated oil reservoir
  • 116 gallon fuel tank
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Key Features

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