Hose-mounted abrasive blasting lights attach to the abrasive blasting hose, providing illumination to the work surface when working in dimly lit areas. The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light has a 35-Watt halogen bulb providing crisp, clear illumination to the work surface. Powered by a 120-Volt AC power source through a power converter, the Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light provides versatility for a variety of work environments and applications. Typical applications include blast rooms, blast yards, bridges, offshore platforms, oil refineries, pipelines, and storage tanks.


The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light increases production rates by providing the operator with better visibility of the work surface. The lightweight design of the Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light reduces operator fatigue. With improved visibility, and reduced fatigue, the operator can precisely target the work surface, increasing production rates.


The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light can be quickly and easily repaired in the field, reducing downtime. The halogen bulb can be quickly installed by gently pushing the bulb into the light socket.


Our commitment to producing the highest quality products in the industry demands strict control over our raw materials and manufacturing processes. All components used in the manufacturing of Marco products adhere to strict process controls as specified by Marco’s Quality and Engineering team.

The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, for exceptional durability against abrasive rebound.
The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light can be powered using battery clamps connected to a 120-Volt AC power source using a Marco Power Converter.
The Blastmaster® 301 Series Hose-Mounted Light provides crisp, clear illumination by using a 35-Watt halogen bulb. The reflector rebounds the light through the 3/16” thick, shatter-resistant replaceable glass lens.

Key Features

35-watt halogen bulb
3/16” thick borosilicate glass lens
Compatible with multiple power sources
Abrasion-resistant body
In-field repairable

Optional Accessories

Blastmaster® Air Hose

Blastmaster® Air Hose (Black)

Blastmaster® Air Hose conveys compressed air to your abrasive blasting pot and pneumatic tools.

Cord Connectors

Cord Connectors

Cord connectors are available in multiple sizes.

Repair Parts

Repair Parts (Blastmaster® 300 301 307 Series Hose Mounted Light)

Repair parts are available for all components of the product.

Power Cords, Connectors & Plugs

Power Cords, Connectors & Plugs

Additional power cords, power cord assemblies, and power cord connectors are available.


Technical Information


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Key Features

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