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Blastmaster® 6.5 Cu. Ft. M-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot

Blastmaster® 6.5 Cu. Ft. M-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot is a pressure vessel used as part of an abrasive blasting system to deliver a mixture of abrasive and compressed air to a work surface. Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Pots are manufactured using higher quality materials that resist wear, reducing costly downtime and increasing production rates.

Blast Pot Configurator

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  • Power Source

  • Metering Valve Size

  • Moisture Management

  • Loading Skid

Blast Pot Components

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  • Remote Control System

  • Remote Control Switch

  • Metering Valve

  • Moisture Management


Configuration Part Number:

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  • blastmaster-6-5-cu-ft-m-series-abrasive-blasting-pot-highlights-(125-remote-control-system)
    125 Remote Control System
    The Blastmaster® 6.5 Cu. Ft. M-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot includes a dual “fail-to-safe” Blastmaster® 125 Remote Control System in pneumatic or electric configurations.
  • blastmaster-6-5-cu-ft-m-series-abrasive-blasting-pot-highlights-(muffler)
    Blast Pot Muffler
    A muffler comes standard on all Blastmaster blast pots, reducing noise and trapping particles as they exit the exhaust port during the depressurization process.
  • blastmaster-6-5-cu-ft-m-series-abrasive-blasting-pot-highlights-(bantam-metering-valve)
    Bantam Abrasive Metering Valve
    The Blastmaster® Bantam Abrasive Metering Valve screw-type design delivers superior metering, providing a precise air and abrasive mixture for maximizing production.
  • blastmaster-6-5-cu-ft-m-series-abrasive-blasting-pot-highlights-(90-degree-cone-bottom)
    90° Cone Bottom
    The steep angle of the 90° cone bottom provides significantly improved abrasive flow versus a 60° cone bottom.

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