Blastmaster .20 Cu Ft Suction Blaster
A suction blaster is a non-pressurized tank used to contain a supply of abrasive material for abrasive blasting. Used with a suction gun, the Blastmaster .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster uses air pressure to move abrasive through an abrasive blasting hose and out the tip of the gun, producing a jet of abrasive. Typical applications include auto restoration, farm implements, hand tools, and lawn furniture. Common abrasives used include slags, glass bead, and mineral abrasives.


A heavy-duty handle and lightweight design allow the Blastmaster® .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster to be maneuvered quickly and easily around the work site.


OSHA requires an abrasive blasting pot to be equipped with a remote control system, which only operates with continuous hand pressure and deactivates upon release of the control switch by the operator (29 CFR 1910.244(b)). This remote control system meets the OSHA requirement by providing a “Fail-to-Safe” configuration, which will deactivate the remote control system in the event the operator drops or loses control of the remote control switch.


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Blastmaster .20 Cu Ft Suction Blaster Hose
The versitile suction hose can be attached to the abrasive hopper, or the suction tube can be inserted directly into a bag of abrasive.
Blastmaster .20 Cu Ft Suction Blaster Petcock
The Blastmaster® .20 Cu.Ft. Suction Blaster comes standard with a petcock, incorporated into the abrasive mixing chamber to improve the flow of abrasive into the suction hose.
Blastmaster .20 Cu Ft Suction Blaster without Hose
The steel construction of the Blastmaster® .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster with a tip-resistant base provides superior stability over plastic models with a three point base.

Key Features

.20 cu. ft. capacity
Tip-resistant base
Includes 1600 series suction gun
Includes three steel nozzles, 1/8” air jet and 5/64” air jet
6” diameter fill opening
Includes 10 feet of 3/8” I.D. suction hose with fittings
Empty weight 23 lbs
Overall height 1​9”
Fill Height 19"
Width 14”
Depth 14"

Optional Accessories

Blastmaster® Air Hose

Blastmaster® Air Hose (Black)

Blastmaster® Air Hose conveys compressed air to your abrasive blasting pot and pneumatic tools.

Abrasive Blasting Respirator

Abrasive Blasting Respirator (Bullard® MB30 Blasting Helmet)

A light-duty supplied-air abrasive blasting respirator protects the operator from dust and abrasive rebound.

Abrasive Screen & Funnel

Abrasive Screen & Funnel (Blastmaster® 0.35 Cu. Ft. L-Series Abrasive Blasting Pot & .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster)

The abrasive screen and funnel help keep damaging debris out and prevent abrasive loss while filling the abrasive blasting pot.

Extra Fine Abrasives

Extra Fine Abrasives

Extra fine abrasives are ideal for optimal performance of the Blastmaster® .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster.


Technical Information


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Key Features

Optional Accessories

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