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Blastmaster® .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster

A suction blaster is a non-pressurized tank used to contain a supply of abrasive material for abrasive blasting. Used with a suction gun, the Blastmaster .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster uses air pressure to move abrasive through an abrasive blasting hose and out the tip of the gun, producing a jet of abrasive.
*Includes 10 feet of 3/8" I.D. suction hose (with fittings), three steel nozzles, 1/8" air jet and 5/64" air jet

Blast Pot Components

  • 1600 Series Suction Gun


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Key Features

  • Blastmaster® 0.20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster (Versatile Suction Hose)
    Versatile Suction Hose
    The versitile suction hose can be attached to the abrasive hopper, or the suction tube can be inserted directly into a bag of abrasive.
  • Blastmaster® 0.20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster (Mixing Chamber Petcock)
    Mixing Chamber Petcock
    The Blastmaster® .20 Cu.Ft. Suction Blaster comes standard with a petcock, incorporated into the abrasive mixing chamber to improve the flow of abrasive into the suction hose.
  • Blastmaster® 0.20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster (Tip-Resistant Base)
    Tip-Resistant Base
    The steel construction of the Blastmaster® .20 Cu. Ft. Suction Blaster with a tip-resistant base provides superior stability over plastic models with a three point base.

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