Marco® Blast Cabinets
Marco is proud to offer Blast Cabinets as part of our full offering of abrasive blasting equipment. Marco Blast Cabinets are available in many different configurations to fit your needs. Typical applications include industrial production facilities, maintenance shops, and manufacturing and fabrication industries. Common abrasives used include aluminum oxide, crushed glass, garnet, glass bead, mineral abrasives, slags, and glass bead.

Pressure System

Pressure Systems utilize a blast pot to force a consistent flow of abrasive to the blast nozzle. Pressure systems are up to 50% more efficient than suction systems, making them ideal for applications when blasting high volumes of parts or using the blast cabinet frequently.

Suction System

Suction systems use compressed air to create a venturi effect that pulls abrasive in to the blast stream. This system is suited for shop use with low production volume or occasional use.

Commitment To Quality

Marco Blast Cabinets are proudly manufactured in the USA and are designed to last through tough blasting conditions for several generations.

Marco® Blast Cabinets Highlights (Heavy-Duty Access Doors)
Heavy duty, double-walled access doors have Automatic Safety Door Switches (B- and M-series only) to stop the blasting operation when an access door is opened.
Marco® Blast Cabinets Highlights (14 Gauge Steel Construction)
Blast cabinets are constructed of 14 gauge steel with fully welded seams for a strong, reliable barrier to contain dust and debris.
Marco® Blast Cabinets Highlights (Snap-in Gloves)
Each Marco Blast Cabinet includes snap-in gloves for quick replacement without tools. Snap-in gloves allow individual operators to have their own pair gloves for improved hygiene.
Marco® Blast Cabinets Highlights (Mylar Window Cover Dispenser)
Each Marco Blast Cabinet includes a mylar window cover dispenser. Replaceable mylar window film protects the glass viewing window from abrasive rebound.

Key Features

All-welded seams
14 gauge steel wall construction
Snap-in gloves
Beveled/knife-edge door seals
Dual-walled doors
Automatic safety door switches (B-Series and M-Series)
Mylar window cover dispenser
Floating foot pedal
Replaceable light lens covers
Dual-bulb fluorescent lighting system

Optional Accessories


Marco® Blast Cabinets Accessories (Abrasives)

Choose from an extensive range of abrasives for any blasting surface or job.

Protective Clothing

Marco® Blast Cabinets Accessories (Protective Clothing)

Marco offers a variety of light weight coverall options, including DuPont® Tyvek®, to protect workers from water and overspray.

Blast Hose

Marco® Blast Cabinets Accessories (Blast Hose)

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose is available in standard lengths of 50, 100 and 400 feet, and custom lengths up to 200 feet.

Blast Nozzles

Marco® Blast Cabinets Accessories (Blast Nozzles)

A wide variety of blast nozzles are available to meet even the most challenging work site requirements.


Technical Information


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Key Features

Optional Accessories

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