Air hose, fittings and accessories are commonly used with abrasive blasting pots, moisture management systems, remote control systems and other abrasive blasting equipment driven by compressed air. Air hose, fittings and accessories come in a variety of sizes, materials and lengths for different applications. Typical applications include blast rooms, blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, and storage tanks.


Losing 10 pounds of air pressure will reduce your productivity by 15%. Utilizing high quality couplings and coupling gaskets will reduce your air loss in your hose connections.


Marco stocks over 10,000 SKU’s and has over 45 shipping locations to serve North American and International markets for all major brands of abrasive blasting and coating equipment. As the largest provider of surface preparation and protective coatings equipment in the world, with unmatched inventory levels and product availability.


Our commitment to producing the highest quality products in the industry demands strict control over our raw materials and manufacturing processes. All components used in the manufacturing of Marco products adhere to strict process controls as specified by Marco’s Quality and Engineering team.

Air Hose, Fittings, & Accessories (Blastmaster® Air Hose)
Blastmaster® Air Hose is available in 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2” and 3” I.D.
Air Hose, Fittings, & Accessories (Air Hose Fitting Options)
Air hose fitting options inlcude couplings and gaskets, hammer-lock and boss-clamps.

Key Features

Air Hose Gaskets
Blastmaster® Air Hose
Boss Clamps
Hammer Lock Fittings
Swivel Couplings and Gaskets
Threaded Metal End Couplings and Gaskets

Optional Accessories

Air Hose Fittings & Ball Valves

Air Hose Fittings and Ball Valves

Air hose fittings are available in 2 Lug, 4 Lug and Hammer Lock styles. Ball Valves are available in 1/4” I.D. to 4” I.D.

Blast Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose is available in standard lengths of 50, 100 and 400 feet, and custom lengths up to 200 feet.

Whip Check Safety Cables

Whip Check Safety Cables

Whip check safety cables are available and comply with OSHA requirement 29 CFR 1926.302.


Technical Information


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Key Features

Optional Accessories

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