Staurolite is a general-purpose mined mineral abrasive used to remove thin coatings, rust, and mill scale. Its sub-angular shape is ideal for applications where a minimal surface profile is required. Staurolite is excellent for achieving a near white finish and is commonly used for new steel applications; including storage tank & tower construction, structural & plate steel blasting, and steel fabrication.


Staurolite’s higher bulk density and high hardness results in more energy being transferred to the work surface than most mineral or slag abrasives; easily removing thin coatings, rust, and mill scale. Staurolite’s uniform particle size provides consistent coverage and surface finish, increasing production rates.


Staurolite’s durability and low friability produce lower dust levels than most mineral or slag abrasives. Low dust levels improve the operator’s visibility of the work surface, increasing production rates. Lower dust levels also reduce cleanup costs on the work site.


The low friability of Staurolite allows it to be recycled 3 to 5 times. Unlike most mineral or slag abrasives, Staurolite will not completely shatter when it hits a surface, keeping its relative size. Recycling Staurolite increases profitability by reducing abrasive consumption, and shipping, cleanup, and disposal costs.

Staurolite Screen Analysis


Shape: Sub-Angular
Hardness: 7.0 Mohs
Bulk Density: 125-135 lbs./cu. ft.
Specific Gravity: 3.6-3.85 g/cc
Free Silica:
Biasill™ - Less than 5%, typically less than 2%
Starblast™ - Less than 5%, typically less than 2%
Starblast™ XL - Less than 1%
Starblast™ Ultra - Less than 5%, typically less than 2%
Coarse Staurolite - Less than 5%, typically less than 2%
Mined Mineral Abrasive


Recommended nozzle pressure: 100–125 psi
Recommended working distance from surface: 18–36 inches


Bulk Truck
Bulk Bags: 4,000 lbs.
Bags: 50 lbs.


Biasill™ - Typical Profile 1.0–1.5 mils
Starblast™ - Typical Profile 1.5–1.9 mils
Starblast XL - Typical Profile 1.5–1.9 mils
Starblast™ Ultra - Typical Profile 2.0–2.3 mils
Coarse Staurolite - Typical Profile 2.3+ mils


California Air Resources Board Certified QPL Approved Form MIL-A22262A-SH
(Starblast™ XL only)

Optional Accessories

Blast Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose is available in standard lengths of 50, 100 and 400 feet, and custom lengths up to 200 feet.

Blast Nozzles

Abrasive Blasting Nozzles

A wide variety of blast nozzles are available to meet even the most challenging work site requirements.

Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves

Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves

Marco’s wide selection of Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves give you variable and instant abrasive control for great results on every work site.

Couplings and Blast Nozzle Holders

Couplings and Nozzle Holders

Marco offers several types of couplings and blast nozzle holders to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Technical Information


Inhaling dusts from abrasive blasting may result in serious injury, disease, or death.
According to OSHA, only a Type CE NIOSH-certified blasting airline respirator with positive pressure blasting helmet should be used for abrasive blasting.

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