Corn Cob is an organic abrasive that will clean and polish without damaging the surface. Corn Cob is used as an alternative to other organic abrasives, such as Walnut Shell, when there are concerns with plant oils staining the substrate or affecting coating adhesion. Common applications for Corn Cob include refinishing log homes and cedar siding, cleaning stainless steel food processing equipment, and specialty petrochemical and offshore applications where a minimal sparking, non-ferrous abrasive is required.


Corn Cob is typically blasted at 60–90 PSI to achieve the most productive results. This lower PSI, along with corn cob’s durability, produces lower dust levels than most mineral or slag abrasives. Low dust levels improve the operator’s visibility of the work surface, increasing production rates. Lower dust levels also reduce cleanup costs on the work site.


Corn Cob is a biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive produced from crushed corn cobs. It is low-dusting, can be easily disposed of, and it is non-hazardous. Corn Cob is a minimal sparking, non-ferrous abrasive that does not contain any heavy metals or free silica. Corn Cob will also absorb oils and liquids while cleaning a surface.


Corn Cob is a biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive that can easily perform a wide variety of abrasive abrasive blasting jobs. Coarse sizes can be used for cleaning industrial equipment, food processing equipment, and in petrochemical and offshore applications. Medium sizes are suited for refinishing log homes or cedar siding, cleaning wood floors, and polishing antiques. Fine sizes work best for light duty work and allow for fine detail work.

Corn Cob Screen Analysis


Shape: Angular to Sub-Angular
Hardness: 4.0 Mohs
Bulk Density: 24-33 lbs./cu. ft.
Specific Gravity: 1.2-1.4 g/cc
Free Silica: No Free Silica
Organic Abrasive


Recommended nozzle pressure: 60-90 psi
Recommended working distance from surface: 6–36 inches


1014 (Coarse) – Minimal to no mil profile produced
1420 (Medium) – Minimal to no mil profile produced
2030 (Fine) – Minimal to no mil profile produced
3080 (Extra-Fine) – Minimal to no mil profile produced


Bags: 50 lbs

Optional Accessories

Blast Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose

Blastmaster® Abrasive Blasting Hose is available in standard lengths of 50, 100 and 400 feet, and custom lengths up to 200 feet.

Blast Nozzles

Abrasive Blasting Nozzles

A wide variety of blast nozzles are available to meet even the most challenging work site requirements.

Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves

Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves

Marco’s wide selection of Blastmaster® Abrasive Metering Valves give you variable and instant abrasive control for great results on every work site.

Couplings and Blast Nozzle Holders

Couplings and Nozzle Holders

Marco offers several types of couplings and blast nozzle holders to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.


Technical Information


Inhaling dusts from abrasive blasting may result in serious injury, disease, or death.
According to OSHA, only a Type CE NIOSH-certified blasting airline respirator with positive pressure blasting helmet should be used for abrasive blasting.

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